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Well, you probably want to know what to expect here. As a follower of the first president, George Washington, I want to put forth articles that will inspire additional thought, so you can enjoy what you already know, your beliefs in the Constitution and the country. I try to write on subjects that have been missed in all the other information sources, of course mixing in some sarcasm and humour. Enjoy the freedom.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The connection - raising the debt limit and states rights

Lets back up for a moment. In an earlier article I talked about how "share the wealth" is actually "stealing your success".  Your success is your ability to take care of yourself, your spouse, your family.  You defend yourself and those you love by supporting police, firemen, teachers, the military, and other services.  The most efficient way is to combine your money with that of others, i.e., taxes.

Raising the debt limit opens the faucet for the government to borrow even more from other countries.  When the time comes to pay it back, the government will turn to us. They will scream "Crisis!" and justify that taxes must be raised.

You've been hearing that cry for about two and a half years. The progressives are doing everything they can to pull our money from us, from our families. Bailouts. Stimulus. Regulations. Programs to increase all forms of energy costs.  Then there's Obamacare - for the lives of businesses and people of America it's the equivalent of a flesh-eating plague.  The federal government has first rights to our paychecks - before states, before cities, before police, fire, before us.  It is odd that we've been paying more everywhere and getting fewer services.

Our Constitution lays out a balance of power between the three branches.  The states are the original entity that can contain the government should the balance of power fails.  Anyone who has read the Constitution and its history knows this.  More and more states are pushing back against Obamacare and its violation of the Constitution.  Unfortunately, more and more states are running out of money.

All the government mechanisms for pulling dollars are sucking the life out of the states.  How will there be the balance of "States Rights" when the states have to beg?

Friday, December 17, 2010

take a poll: why was the omnibus spending bill pulled?

Yesterday Reid pulled the omnibus spending bill "from consideration"


1. The dems did not have enough dem votes.

2. The dems did not have enough dem votes.

3. The dems did not have enough dem votes.

4. McConnell's Army.  Yesterday, Thursday, December 16th, around 7pm, the Tea Party Express sent out a call for volunteers to leave for D.C immediately.  Voices were needed to read the omnibus bill in it's entirety, from thursday night, through friday, to saturday morning.    About a half hour later the call was cancelled, as Reid had announced he was pulling the bill.

Wouldn't it have been rich, to have Tea Party volunteers beating the dems over the head with the reading, hour by hour, page by page, on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, laying out the wanton thievery for all to hear.  It wouldn't have been an easy read.  It's not easy reading material printed on paper made from pork bellies.

 (Ok, maybe it should have been called Demint's Army, but McConnell is the senate leader.)

tax cuts for the rich - everyone still missing the obvious

Dems keep trying to eliminate "tax cuts for the rich", the current rich being all those who make over $250,000 a year.

Everyone knows they are the country's small business enterprises.

What makes the dems think that someone making $249,000 this year wouldn't like to make $251,000 next year, or maybe, $300,000?

To reach that $300,000 would require a owners income increase of 20%.

To be sure that happens, the business has to increase 20%, and maintain the business every year afterwards.  If the business has 100 employees, they may have to hire 20 more, and keep them.

If 20% of the businesses hire 20% more new employees, is that 4% less unemployment?  Hmmm.

Lets not be greedy.  We'll let 40% of the business hire 10% more new employees.  We can't though, if we eliminate the tax cuts for the rich, because we just can't keep these business constrained.

Monday, November 1, 2010

New video on youtube, original song, for all you great Americans

A video for all you patriots.


   "The Country Worth Fighting For"


 (Note: updated the link)


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spreading the Wealth = Stealing your Success : Vote on Nov 2nd

What is success?  To improve the lives of yourself and your family.  To be able to not live in a slum.  To not have to eat discarded food because it is cheaper.  To have a car that isn't 20 years old and needs more gas and maintenance than you can afford.  To be able to have police, fire fighters, teachers.  To be able to save for emergencies and for your future.  

Your success in this comes from your ability to earn money, and the freedom to work and earn more.

When your success reaches a high enough level, you have the means to help others be successful by your  directly providing them permanent work.

This democrat congress is taxing you more and more, taking away your money, pushing to cap your life, to take your success, to take away your protection of your family, to take away the success of the country.

Determine which candidate really intends to protect, to enforce, the Constitution, and vote for them.  For guidance in this, find a genuine American tea party.

Illegal subjects: the health care bill, aliens

Regulations in the democrat's health care bill require everyone to buy health insurance, basing much of its legalization on the "commerce clause", an attempt at phony justification.

Our Constitution is based on knowledge of the unalienable rights of every person. To put it another way:

  congress did not create me; there is no natural authority for congress to regulate anything I do.

  congress can only do what we have approved it to do

We, in enacting the Constitution, know that certain functions are better done by an agreed upon body, a government.  Only the listed functions are approved, and ALL others are NOT. 

The regulation of commerce is the regulation of property.

People haven't been 'commerce' since slavery was abolished, unless, like the progressive democrats, you support the shipments of illegal aliens daily into the country.

Democrats need to pass the taxes and implement the 'infrastructure' bill, so property can be shipped using cattle cars, a profitable improvement in items-per-square-foot.  The cars do let in light and have more wall space.  Educational posters can be displayed, having such subjects as "Why you should only use authorized hand tools purchased from the owner", "The proper way to hold a feather duster", and, "How to say Yes Sir and No Sir and nothing else".

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Constant Path of the Tea Party

The founders of our country declared independence, and on that day found they were no longer bound not only to England, but to any government anywhere in the world.

Madison, Jefferson, other writers of the various constitutions and laws, had the history of the world as reference for deciding on a government.  They had the purest form of tyranny on their doorstep - slavery.  They saw a People being pushed out by newcomers, in watching the lives of the native americans.  They had the history of the Puritans, the histories of all the colonies, the histories of the many people new to this continent.

They studied all these governments, and in the end they chose none.   They saw instead that every man and woman was born with freedom, and any government should be derived from that.

This nations beginnings was a rejection of progressivism, socialism, fascism, communism, and all the other oppressive attempts at regulating the individuals of the world.  We, two hundred years later, are NOT going to choose any of those methods now - our Constitution will stand.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Messages to Christine O'Donnell, to other tea party candidates, for their campaigns

Three messages.  Go for it.

About the exposure of the early encounter with the after-school witch club.  It should be a good thing that this came out.  Sometimes, to show you are a fighter, you need to be in a fight. 

You will have to go to congress and fight against all the influences that will try to turn you, and you will have to carry the fight for the Constitution and our country's real needs.   Now is a good time to show this is how it's going to be.

Delaware, December, 1787.  The first state to ratify our Constitution.  Now, in 2010, Delaware can be  first again, first in the battle to win back our government and our country, first in renewing ratification by being the first in this election to replace a representative who doesn't believe in the Constitution with one who does.

Democrats want to raise taxes. Democrats pushed huge amounts of spending through congress, legislation which is now law.  Call it what you will - spending, fiscal concerns, budget action, stimulus, bailouts, or reform.  To the American people this is money, their money. 

The democrat-controlled federal government is sucking away money from the people, in effect sucking money away from state and local governments.  Instead of having the police and fire protection you need and want to pay for, your money is taken for all the well-documented stimulus projects, and more. 

With the current congress you can't support the men and women of your police department, the men and women of your fire department, or your teachers, but you will be paying millions for boondoggles and creating jobs that don't last.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Remembering 9-11

America was attacked, by terrorists who killed men, women, and children, terrorists who thought we would cower.

Here is the resulting message to terrorists: if you want servitude, go try cuba or china.  Be sure to check the bus schedule for the re-education camps.

We were attacked, but we are not buried in the dust.

This day is a day for Americans.  If you believe in the our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the reasons they exist, no matter where you are in the world, you are an American.

This is a day for those we have lost.

This is a day to show that there is no doubt.  We will remember.  We will stand up for Freedom.  We are Americans, and plan to stay that way.

Have a moment of silence for those we lost that day.

Then have the time to not be silent.  Look up into the sky and say to them:

    "You are important to us."

    "Those responsible will be pursued and found."

    "You will be remembered." 

For the rest of the day, be free.  Do something only a free person can do.  Do something only a free America can do.

Those we lost that day have given this to us, and it is something we owe to them.  It is something we owe to all those we have lost since the beginning of our country.

We know the history of our country and we gladly owe to those who have fought for it.

We will not be questioning ourselves, our direction, or our future.

And at the end of the day, looking up once more ...

    "Rest well."

    "Good night."

Because of them, 9-11 is our National Day of Freedom.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What to do with Gitmo

Terrorists will kill the men, women, and children of their country until there is submission to the eternal rule of the terrorists.

Terrorists have killed the men, women, and children of our country and intend to continue until we are all dead or submit to their eternal rule.

Terrorists should be permanently imprisoned.

Before the announcement that Gitmo would be closed, terrorists were caught, kept out of the country.  Since that time, these attackers have stepped up their efforts, with serious results.  The connection between announcement and activity is obvious to everyone.

The solution is not just to reopen Gitmo.  It should be expanded, made large enough to hold every terrorist we could possibly catch.  If Gitmo isn't big enough, find more space and build it up.  Other countries can aid here - help keep the world safe.

Then - advertise.  Let terrorists know they will live out the rest of their long lives in a prison, having no chance of ever being free again.  With the best health care in the world we can keep them alive well into the time of what would have been their children's children's children.

If the terrorist leaders are short on recruitment literature, we can also print up new flyers, free of charge, free delivery.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What about the former governor of Alaska?

part Ronald Reagan, part Susan B. Anthony, part Davy Crockett, part Annie Oakley, and all Sarah Palin

and, you get a genuine work ethic

An Education in Intolerance

The former Communications Director, the one who looks to mao for guidance, is out accusing the GOP of intolerance.

Let's be clear on mao, stalin, and the rest of that kind.

mao did not kill over sixty million people.  To have done that, from 1949 to 1975, would have required his killing an average of over six thousand people every day, including Sundays.

It is mao's directives that are responsible for the deaths, thus he earns all the credit.

mao set a bureaucracy of tyranny that encouraged and then enforced his social-political "programs", all of which joined to become a single program of mass terrorism throughout the country.


Monday, August 16, 2010

The home mortgage deduction is unfair

Conservatives say the home deduction is needed because of high taxes.

Liberals say renters are paying for the homes of the rich.

Both are avoiding the truth.

The home mortgage deduction helps homeowners get their tax rate down to what it should be, a rate closer to what the fair tax and flat tax investigations show we should be paying.  

Liberals continue to take too much from renters and everyone else who can't get their real tax rate down to one we all should have.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Serve ... a slow process just for you

Giving service is the best thing you can do.

Ask yourself, what service can I perform?

What service are you performing?

Why aren't you performing service?

Giving service is the best thing you can do -
Report immediately for assignment.  Failure of service is punishable by fine and imprisonment.  Access to the national health care system for yourself and your family will be withheld until compliance is achieved.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

The stimulus packages could never have worked

Tarp, stimulus packages, bailouts, did not work.

Here's is a situation to help illustrate why.

Suppose your country is a hundred acres of land, a large field that had tall, green, grass.  The field is now brown, withering and wilted, all of it.  The entire field needs water. (We won't go into the governmental decisions that caused this.)

A government stimulus program is proposed and enacted.  The administration arrives with a large water truck. A large bucket full of water (i.e. taxpayer dollars) is filled and carried out into the field, then dumped on a location as specified by the program.  Another bucket is delivered to a different spot.  More water is drawn from the truck, more individual locations are soaked.  The grass in those spots turns green.  The reports are positive on the effectiveness of the program. 

What happens to the water dumped on each spot?  Some is splashed away, droplets too small and dispersed to have any effect.  The single large amount from the bucket soaks into the underground.  Water pools on the surface and will evaporate away.

When the truck has no more water it is seen that the green spots are not viewable when looking over the acreage. The green is insignificant compared to the size of the entire field.  Unless another stimulus truck is approved, the insignificant green will turn back to brown.

Where did the water in the truck come from?  We have none. The water was borrowed from China.  The field is once again all brown, and we owe a truck full of water to China.

In this scenario what description do we have for the tea party view, the conservative view, that instead of stimulus programs we need to cut taxes? 

That description is this: a constant sky full of rain.  The water comes from the entire country, and returns to it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pictures at an American Exhibition - 1 of 4

Ridicule of the tea parties is still spread throughout every form of media in the country.   You know the descriptions of the tea parties and of the partiers.

The media uses polls to belittle the tea partiers, and may show a few selected pictures.  TV and press personalities continue to leave out information.  It's like having a poll about the night sky, about the moon, stars, position of the planets, constellations, comets, meteors, etc..  Results can be posted, reviewed over and over, yet, unless you go outside and look up, you would never know the largest celestial element is the night sky itself, and it is dark.

The pictures in these four posts are from the Washington, D.C, Health Care Tea Party, March 20, 2010.  These are the people who are ridiculed by the media every day and night.

These scenes show four things the media does not want the American people to see at the tea parties:

         the messages to the congress,
         the variety of people of all ages,
         that it's also about families,
         and that it has crossed generations.

Messages to the government from the people

Pictures at an American Exhibition - 2 of 4

The tea party - a variety of people, of all ages


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